Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Monkey Tree, Batu Feringghi, Penang

I had a fun time during my weekie in Penang with Aries and lil Airiel. We went for  a visit at the Tropical Spice Garden...

And guess what we stumbled upon, a restaurent inside!! Aptly named the Tree Monkey. We ordered the couple set for 2 and added on 1 white rice and tom yum for Airiel.

Our drinks were the tropical fruit juice and the Havana 'something'. I forgot the name

Opps, Airiel enter frame jap and sibuk main the umbrella that came with the drinks

This fried kangkung was crunchy and yummy, Aries' favourite dish

Airiel's tom yum which was suprisingly flavourful. I always expect high end restaurants like this to serve up some bland food to cater to tourists but this tom yum was tangy. It was not spicy but this was our own request as it was for Airiel.

The steamed fish that came with the set, it was a huge fish and was frankly enough for 4 persons as opposed to 2

the chilli chicken, it was fine but not entirely memorable

Airiel's drink, teh o ais [his all time favourite]

The best thing about this restaurant? The view ...PRICELESS..

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