Monday, February 13, 2012

Penangan Food Poisoning

Urrghh, last week Tuesday night I was struck by food poisoning during one of my and the hubs' outing to try out new places to eat. It was epic...

It was so bad that I had a case of tak tahan muntah and vomited on the stairs in my house all the way to the bathroom...It was so bad I vomited out of my nose. It was so bad that at one point of time I had stuff coming out of both ends of my body... AT THE SAME TIME.Yupp, epic proportions.

It was not half as bad as Bonda's food poisoning though. Hers (well, her worst one to date) lasted 3 days and she ended up having to CRAWL to the bathroom to vomit. She had to put a water drip on herself because she was so dehydrated. That was just crazy.

Why am I blogging about something so gross? Well, because it has changed my outlook on food since. At the moment, I cannot even look or smell food. All food I look at would make me want to vomit. I just can't bring myself to eat.This has lasted a week!

I am distressed as I consider myself quite the foodie!! And now I can't look at food at all without having a queasy tummy! I now eat small portions of bread, maybe fruit juices at a time but that's about all. At times my body craves sugar so bad, I sip small amounts of root beer but my mind and tummy just can't bear the thought of letting any food go down in my tummy.

I suppose when you have the memory of vomiting out of your nose because of food, you tend not to like food anymore!.

Hope this passes. Miss my old foodie self.

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