Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Krabi Food [Part 2] - Baan Lay Thai Kitchen

Ok, as promised...Krabi food updates!

Baan Lay Thai restaurant was located right beside an elevated stretch of Ao Nang beach so the view was just sublime!!

 My 'we turn 4' sunset...

The waiters and waitresses here know a bit of Malay. Anyways...on to the food

Coconut and watermelon

Plump oysters for Aries. Fresh as the sea he says. 

Oyster condiments

Beef salad, this was quite yummy

Papaya salad. I was disappointed with this dish. It was bland, obviously toned down to suit the tastes of the western tourists who thinks hot chilli is cabai merah yg besar tu...hahaha

Tom yam was bland too

One of the hits, the steamed squid was a hit, not over cooked and reasonably flavoured to leave a tangy taste in your mouth.

The view is great but the food has more misses than hits. Eat here if you want the 'toned down for the tourists' kinda food. 

Ohh yeah, the food here was the most expensive we had in the whole trip. I think we paid for the view...heheh


  1. ohhh my those oysters look sooo good!!! fresh and plump and fat and yummy arrrgh teringin oyesters now!

  2. Izyan : My hubs mmg gila oysters tp aku bau pun dah tak tahan. He says the oysters mmg sedap!!!