Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Krabi Food [Part 3], Sareefah Kitchen

Ola ola!

I have been busy busy busy this early part of the week with the madness yet to end.

The office system was attacked by a worm causing havoc, tears of horror and disbelief and a lot of angry colleagues when their documents started disappearing hehehe.

Imagine me taking over conduct of an appeal on Tuesday with the Record of Appeal to be filed the next Monday and my Memorandum of Appeal literally disappeared on Friday when we wanted to finalise everything. Crying tears of grief right? Rushed like mad on Monday to get everything done. Verdict? I am working from my macbook and that is that. It will be a while before I have the confidence to work on my office PC again. Haha

Anyways, this post is supposed to be about Muslim halal food in Krabi. So here goes. On our last 2 nights there, Aries and I became hooked on this roadside restaurant/stall serving some 'knock your socks off' good Thai food. Enjoy the pics below:-

Charming deco hehehe 

Eating without doubt... 

 The condiments

Charming huts where the patrons eat their meals 

Ohhh, this is me berlagak agak poyo..haha. Kasi can la okie?

Aries' drink. Hot chocolate (I know, who orders Hot Chocolate in Krabi right? hahah) 

Watermelon juice for me.. 

Glass Noodle salad. It was absolutely DELICIOUS. I am still thinking about it right now. *Mouth Watering* 

The Sup Tulang. It was super spicy and sour and heavenly. 

This was a local vegetable, the name of which I forgot. It was just stir-fried with some clear gravy. The vegetables were slightly bitter but was complimented by the gravy really well. Yummers. 

The last night we were in Krabi, it rained cats and dogs and we could not go out until like 12.00 am. So we ate at this place again and naturally I did not take any pictures. Delicious.

Sareefah Seafood is situated up the road past starbucks and the petrol station and 7-eleven at Ao Nang town. Prices for food was the cheapest here compared to other eateries we ate in Krabi with really great food.

Siapa yang pergi Krabi nanti selamat mencuba! 

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