Monday, April 25, 2011

Me, the ngok ngek


I am quite forgetful. Nenda always says that her memory is not as good as before lah, and she is sad about that lah, but honestly...she still remembers a lot more things than I do and she's like in her fifties! What excuse do I have for being so forgetful? Jeez

I tell you whilst travelling, I sort of left my glasses in Langkawi, and I can't remember I left it. I sort of remember I may have packed it into my handbag when I left the hotel, but honestly, I am not sure. Which means I may have dropped it somewhere, and that is highly possible because I always fail to zip up my handbag, and it is left 'terperongo (org perak fahamle eheh)' but honestly, I don't recall dropping anything either.

So, verdict? Aries had to foot the bill for new glasses which comes up to over 1k+++...
I must be less forgetful, and at work I am more in check because I write everything down in my to do list.

And on top of that, my contact lens and eyes did not adjust well to the new contact lens solution I  picked out. Why so gatal nak ubah solution baru when the old one was just fine and great? Human nature kan? Always want to try something new and exciting, always thinking the grass is greener on the other side.. and in the end, you wind up with red, red eyes... so I bought my old contact lens solution again, and my eyes are ok again.

But still, 3 or 4 days to get my spectacles, aduhai.

Once I get my spectacles, I shall not be wearing contacts, the discomfort is too great at the moment. And with the work piling, discomfort is a nuisance to have lah.

Just to chase the Monday blues away, I look at this:-

Ohh, and tanda cinta dan sayang kepada nenda tercinta, my pressie to her:-

I love you mom.  Hope you like it.

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