Thursday, March 3, 2011

Food for the tummy and soul

Ok, this is going to be quite a long entry.

Overdue food escapades must be shared with other foodie friends.

Food for tummy

Ole Ole Bali

The table deco was pretty 

Felt like taking one but was not sure it was free 

This was my spaghetti bali style or something. The portions were to big and the food was so so 

My drink was nice, but I forgot the name...

Gino's Recipe

Beef Carpaccio, nothing to shout about as the mustard that was supposed to be on the beef as stated in the menu was missing and the beef slices were to thick

 Am loving this traditional chicken paella. The rice was fluffy and had great flavour.

Bonda's steak. She says it was nice.

Food for Soul

There has been food for my soul too...!!! Check it out:-

Pusat Sains Negara Dino Exhibition

Airiel was scared of the dino

Sunway Pyramid Wildlife Park

Airiel wanted to pull the feathers out of the peacock..hehe

Ohh, rest of the pics are up in FB.

Just a few more on Airiel's cuteness which I just have to post up here:-

His attempt at trying to look at an eagle from a certain angle

This is the pose he came up with when I said 'Adik, posing cepat!!'

This is what keeps me sane.

Until next time!!

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