Monday, March 14, 2011

What a rush!!!

In continuation of my previous post...

I managed to finish the all-consuming submission, ALL 280 pages of it.


And then I look at my diary while doing my to do list this morning and saw the word "Reply Submissions.. due on xxxx..."

Sigh...hehehe. The adrenalin never stops. But at the end of the day, when you read your hard work, you know you have done your absolute best to produce quality work. And it gives you satisfaction.

Anyways... hectic week aside. I had quite a packed weekend too.


On Saturday, had an all day event with my girls with Sri for her pre-wedding thingy and Illa for her pre-natal thingy.

We went to Vila Manja and had ourselves a group spa/massage session. This place is great because it has prenatal spa which was great for Illa. Any of you guys who wants to try it out, leave a comment or pm me kay?

After spa, off to marmalade at BV for lunch!! And then a mani pedi session at Song Ai Ling's nail parlour!!!

We had tea and chatted away  and then had a light dinner at Alexis. What a day!!

We forgot to take any pics because we had so much fun!!


Me and my familia went to the Matta fair.

Sungguh rambang mata ok? We just went to survey and survey because we were only planning to to somewhere next year. This year is already full of plans. So we have narrowed it down to 2 places next year.

  •  Turkey, this is the place that Nenda wants to go to; and
  • Maldives.
Aries wants wants to go to the Gold Coast, but maybe next year right towards the end ke? Let's see how it goes.

As it is, we are already going to KK in April, Nenda is already going to NZ in September and me and Aries island vaccay in November.

Ohh, I am also depressed a lil bit sebab I accidentally unfollowed like 900 over sites on my google reader!!! There goes my fave online shopping haunts. Am in the slow process of retrieving them all.

Sob sob.

Next weekend, Airiel turns 2. I turn all sloppy. But there is something which has been annoying me about his birthday which I will blog about later.

Happy Monday darlinks!! Yess, that is apparently how the youngsters term the word. With a 'k'. Isshh... geli.

Have a good week ahead!!

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