Friday, March 18, 2011

A rat!!!...among other things

It's a Friday, alhamdulillah.

Some good news, my 2 week trial has been vacated because my clients have agreed to settle!!! Am so happy! 2 weeks of extra time which I badly need!!.

Glad as can be....

Owwh, but yesterday when I got back home after picking up Aries from the airport, makan makan and it was already late.

As I was getting ready to sleep, I saw IT!!! 

The infamous lone rat that has been terrorising the upper levels of the house! its shiny fur, its pinky hairless parts, I saw it first hand! I screamed my lungs out at 1 am in the morning. Naturally, it being 1 a.m, everyone ignored me.

I was deadly afraid but feel asleep anyway. At 3 something a.m I woke up and it was on the dashboard of my bed, right on top of my head! I was so scared, I couldn't find it in me to scream. I just opened the door and it graciously went out of my room.

I sat down on my bed, shook Aries and said to him 'Babe, this is war'. He managed to muster something like 'apa nak perang ni...jepun tu kan tsunami...sian' and then went back to sleep. Hish.

I don't know what to do guys. I went and got that buah pom pom which rats are deadly afraid of, but this lone rat just comes back after the buah buah tu shrivel after time.

I have cats, but they are too lazy to chase away the rat. They only drop by to eat.

I don't want to set traps because I do not want to harm it. I just want it to leave. How laaaaaa?

My greatest fear is to wake up and see it on me or worse...on my face!! Huargggh ... Nauzubillah


Am going to be at a cousin's engagement this weekend.

See you guys next week, if Allah willing.

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