Monday, March 21, 2011


Not a lot of pics pon taken this weekend. Although on Friday night managed to eat at VS, our fave place.

VS is Victoria Station ye? Not Victoria Secret hehehe...

Oysters which I cannot stand even the smell off 


This is my fave - siput babi 

My Steak

Aries' chilli rib, it was really nice

Owhhh... since i'm on the topis of food. might as well update the food we had at chilli's a couple of weeks back:-

Aries and his mojito (non-alcoholic) 

I can't remember the name of this appetiser...but it was delicious 

Aries gobbling away 

His steak which I can't remember what 

My Tennessee chicken and shrimp or was so-so 

Anyways...last weekend I went back to my kampung. I have not been back in a long time due to bad relations with my relatives. Those who have been following this blog would have probably read what happened.

Anyways. We sponsored a couple of things for the engagement and Bonda was away in Penang for her clinic business, so I went lah.

I ignored people who did not matter. And was happy to be with the ones that were. I think that's the way I should view things from now on.

Only managed to snap 1 pic

Choffles cake utk hantaran tunang..hehe

Am a bit tired by work and recent events, the miscarriage, trauma jumpa saudara mara yg horror. So can't wait for the KK getaway with those that matter later on in April.

Have a great week ahead everybody!!!

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