Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our new investment for Airiel and future kids - Grolier Education Series Part 1


I was taking about telling you all about me and Aries' new investment for Airiel's education, but never got around to telling you the details. So here goes, it is the "Grolier Education Series".

What intrigued me in the first place is the books in the series, it reminds me of my childhood in UK, the books get you interested in reading and learning and are not exam oriented or whatever like here kan. These kind of books cultivated my life-long passion for reading.

I am going to tell you the details of what was given to me:-

These books are what I am using on Airiel now, the beginners books. There are 4 books in all, full of pics and wonderful colours and as you can see, the titles of the books speak for themselves. I am currently on the book 'Words that name things'. I only sit down with him and teach him names in 1 page a day which is about 5 mins.

 These are the "Story of A day" series. There are 4 books in all, each showcasing the seasons i.e. Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. There are about  366 stories in the 4 books, which is enough for a year. And the books are about 1 page long sahaje. I read one story to him everyday before bedtime which takes about 5 mins. The Grolier person says that it is not about him reading the words (because Airiel is too young) but him 'hearing' us speak the words. You know how our kids can imitate anything we say at the moment kan? Mcm itulah

 I think this is for Airiel much later, maybe when he is 3 + or 4+ so am not currently using them yet, but I read them myself and they contain information as per the title of each book, in short sentences and colourful images. It is in a Question and Answer form. This I think I will start letting him read or read it to him when he starts asking me weird questions.. hehe

This is perhaps the best feature of the education series, the logico board. I will explain to you guys how to use in my part 2 of this post. 

 These are the 'I Wonder Why' series. They have answers to practically everything hehe. Like 'Why do spiders spin webs?' or 'Why can't ostriches fly?' So cool!!, also reserved to when airiel is a little older

My pc won't let me turn these pics somehow...shessh..but anyways this is another interesting series i.e. the "Help Me be Good Series". As you guys can see above, the series teaches kids that its bad to lie,bad to break promises and not only that, it tells the kids why by putting it all in short story form. I have read around 2 to Airiel, on why it is bad to have tantrums and why it is bad to lie.

Together with the above series, we are given a parental guide on how to maximise the use of the books and sing along songs on being good!!! 

Hehe, this is the free bookcase that came with the set. It's a DIY so I am quite proud because I did it myself and Airiel helped as well. 

You know how we can spend 2k+ on PB corsets lah, bags lah, shoeslah, makeuplah, gadgets etc. so I am sure we can invest on this set of books as well.

The receipts you get can be used for tax purposes and you can pay by installments. I am paying RM125 a month for 2 years for this set.
Why do I think it is a worthly investment? because I can use it not only for Airiel but for my other future kids as well. I have definitely seen a difference in using this system on Airiel. He is learning a lot of words fast!!! and is not more interested in books than he does toys..

If you guys are interested in purchasing this set for your kids (its never too late to start getting your kids to love books instead of incessantly watching tv), please leave a comment here or e-mail me at ok?

Updates on how to use the Logico system later.

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