Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In a bad mood

I am in a bad mood.

I remember a friend telling me that I am 'outrageous'.

And I asked her back :- 'You mean like Kimora outrageous?'

She said :- 'Who is Kimora?'

I said : - 'You have no business describing me as outrageous if you don't know who she is '

Har har har.........


I wear hijab, and baju kurung is my staple outfit...but I also know that I say things that people won't normally expect people who are dressed like me to say.

I am not in the best of moods today:-

1. I am wearing my PB corset and I overate, so now I can't breathe. I mean, they say you don't have to diet makan PB ni, but hell, how much can you eat if your stomach is constricted by a 'waist nipper' to half its ordinary size?;

2.  I am itching to take the corset off right, but then I remember Aries' shaking hands as he was paying the 2+k after I promised him that wifey is gonna look all slim and hot for him to play with..sheeshhh;

3. I still have not picked up my 'triple excellent'. Sampai je area Mid Valley aritu.. jem semacam..this week wedding plak..bilalah nak ambil ni?

4. There are 13 summonses in Myeg courtesy of blackie who is now with the FIL. Belum pergi Balai Polis check, belum pergi JPJ check. Damn...brape ribu nak kena byr ni?...ada yg dah keluar waran tangkap ke ni? Bad moodnyee bila fikir...

5. I have a fear of high heels after I fell down the office stairs, so skrang pakai slipper pergi mana-mana. I look like a duck, walk like a penguin and I miss wearing high heels..tapi bila fikirkan sakitnya fracture 2 of my toes...pakai balik slipper..haisshhh..

6. Aries dah jadi the only lawyer kat tempat dia kerje..does that mean he can never take leave? What about family time? I thought he is entitled to 21 days leave or is it 14 days in a year? Aper kes? Nak marah..nak marah...

7. Aper kes ni? bomoh bomoh orang? Pakai minyak ularlah, bomoh boyan lah? Dah lupa wujudnye Tuhan ke? Sounds like a scene out of science fiction movie? I kid you not ... this thing actually happened, kalau nak keji pun kejilah tp janganlah nak melampau sgt...kalau sesiapa yg bertanggungjawab ni susah nak mati esok, tolongla jangan nak cari aku atau Aries mintak ampun...kitorg sukejer tgk ko susah mati faham?

And I could go on and on about how shitty life can be these days...but then I look over to the picture of Airiel and Zack which I have on my desk..beristighfar sekejap, I feel strangely content.

I know just what will do the trick.... "A soy toffee nut latte"


Tahun baru ini, kena berazam utk menjadi hamba yang lebih bersyukur.



  1. U terlalu pendeke utk dibandingkan Kimora.

  2. Aneka : She was referring to the things I say and not my height..hehe..although I can also do everything in stilettos...hehe