Monday, December 13, 2010

Airiel updates

I have not uploaded anything on Airiel for a while..

Sometimes I feel so possessive over him that I just do not feel like know what I mean..Airiel is like a secret I want to keep all to myself...

But he is just too cute lah...!

Ok, let the pics do the talking:-

Okay, so the pics are blur..but this is him speaking to God knows who on the telephone. He says.."hello, siapa tu?" 

 Everytime we take him to the playground, he does not want to play with anything else but the swing..a full 40 minutes on the swing I tell you!!!

 And Abah joins in on the fun!!!

 This is his cheeky face...hehe

 He likes bahulu and all manner of traditional kuih...

And he truly does 'light up my life'...

How mama and Abah loves you Airiel!!

May Allah bless us all!!!!

I actually cannot wait to share my good news with you guys..!!! tapi wait until sunday when I KNOW it's not a dream ok?


  1. urmmm....apakah mazridza II akan muncul?...wah! greatest news! :)

  2. Anar & Kak Lina - Hehe bukan itu sebenarnya..tapi insyaAllah bila dah ready memang nak adik untuk airiel..:)