Tuesday, December 23, 2014

1. Mikey's Pizza New York - Publika; 2. Switch Cafe - Publika

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook" ~ Julia Child

Hello everyone,

It's time for a foodie update.

Mikey's Original Pizza

First up, Mikey's Pizza New York which recently opened in Publika.

 The menu seems to stick pretty close to the original, sans babi in NY la kan.

 Love the condiments they gave. I hate, and I emphasize HATE restaurants that skimp on the pepper, salt, chili flakes etc. Jangan berkira sgt boleh? Such a turn off. Haa, anyway, this place thankfully does not do that for the mo. Terima kasih.

So basically what you have to do is go to the counter, look at the pizza's you want to eat and order it. You do not buy an entire pizza, you buy per slice okay? You want to know why? Because the slices are HUGE. Bapakk besar. The pic above is a combination of 4 types of pizzas me and my colleagues chose to eat, with 2 slices of each different pizza.

Yes, we finished everything. Hehe

Switch Cafe

And then there is dessert. So based on the rave reviews on all the flogs (short for foodie blogs, apparently) we dropped by.

The salted caramel cake was moist and flavourful, just like what the reviewers say. So this is a definite yes. 

This is macha latte. An acquired taste but which I loved!

While it was a hit with me, there were some misses. My colleague Farahshu remarked that her red velvet was quite dry, so it was nothing to shout about.  

Switch Cafe has really wacky baked concoctions, I mean while I was there, it was doing a promo for mangosteen cake. Lu ada bran nak try? Haha

Both these shops are located in Publika.

I need to run readers.

Some major pieces of work and stuff to do. A lot to do for the end of the year.

Much love from Airiel and I.

Peace and love to everyone.