Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Operation Protective Edge - Terror has Begun

"To sin by silence, when they should protest, makes cowards of men" ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Israel has officially commenced Operation Protective Edge on Gaza and the West Bank after attacking, pillaging homes of civillians and arresting 110 Palestinians, mostly children. 9 Palestinians have been killed before the commencement of this latest Operation. 

More lives will be lost upon the commencement of the Operation I am sure. 

The BBC reports the Palestinian as militants, terrorists. They say Israel is merely defending itself. It is amazing how such lies can persist. It is disgusting how they can utter such blatant untruths.

A representative of the Home Ministry of America has issued a statement supporting the Israeli military offence. 

The Arabs stay silent, busy driving their fancy cars, flaunting tigers as pets.

News of the Operation are not widely publicised  in the Malaysian media.

May all of you that stay silent in the face of cruelty and destruction of humanity be damned. Every single one of you.

And people continue to die. 

My heart bleeds for angel Aisha's homeland and the brethren within. An official statement issued by the Al-Qassam brigade reduced me to tears. The translation is below:-

"Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory. Al Hajj - 39.

Blowing up the homes of innocent civillians is a course of action which cannot be tolerated. Should these 'political' actions not cease, we will respond by expanding the target area of our attack that the enemy will not foresee.

This is the enemy, the coward Zionists, that has declared a new war on the West Bank of Gaza that has until now persevered. They seem to not comprehend the language of the Al-Qassam brigade through its rockets that has demolished the Al-Qassam targets in Zionists areas, yesterday evening.

The Occupiers have begun this war by attacking the homes of innocent civilians that poses no threat in a sadistic, cruel and cowardly manner and using airstrikes on civilian homes.

Let it be known that the As Syahid Izzudin Al-Qassam Brigade, in responding the onslaught by the Zionists shall state as follows:-

1. We are not afraid of the annoucement of the military operations by Israel. We shall respond to any attack with equal force. We shall make the enemy regret making such a haste decision.

2. We warn the enemy that their actions in targeting the homes of civilians who are innocent has crossed all acceptable lines. If the enemy does not cease such political cowardly actions, we shall retaliate in expanding our area of attack, and we shall face this onslaught in a way the enemy shall never contemplate, and the leaders of the enemy are the ones that must be held responsible for this violence.

You have been warned.

Let it be known that for us, it is a struggle between two endings, either victory or a victorious death.

The Syahid Izzudin Al-Qassam Brigad

Tuesday, 10 Ramadhan 1435 H
8th July 2014"

Kalah sudah pasti,
Menang tidak tentu,
Tapi lawan tetap lawan.

May the Almighty be with all of you, beloved people of Gaza. May you be damned Israel. May you be damned.

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Terror has begun.

Let's tell Israel this time that we are WATCHING. And that there will be repercussions to their actions.

Let's do this.

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