Thursday, October 24, 2013

Please Help Syria

Hi Readers,

This is a post to help and reach out to Syria.

Ahmad Sani Araby, a noted Malaysian with MAPIM who often flies to Palestine and Syria is flying off to Syria soon.

He needs funds to give out help to the people in Syria.

So far, his FB campaign has only managed to collect RM510 which is less than sufficient.

Please help and donate to his cause so as to enable him to help those in need.

You can follow him at his page and follow his updates here.

There are also other pages:-

(i); and

(ii) MAPIM's account no. - 15400-1880630425 (Al-Rajhi Bank)

Even RM10 or RM5 is better than nothing. It can help feed a child or a family.

Please help.

Please also help share this blog post on your wall so your friends can see it and help.

Thank you.

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