Monday, October 7, 2013

Groupon Deals - Bellisia Esthetics & Wellness Therapy

"Just for the record, the weather today is partly suspicious which chances of betrayal" 
~ Chuck Palahniuk

Hi Readers,

How is your Monday? I am rushing work but am trying to make time for this post.

I have to make some comments on the Groupon Deals which I have bought recently. This time it was a mani pedi groupon deal.

I bought a mani pedi groupon deal for RM60 + for 2 mani padi. I brought Bonda along as my partner in crime.


Location : Located on the 2nd floor of Tropicana City Mall opposite the Creative Nail Boutique which I frequent. So it is convenient with ample parking.

Ambiance : The place, truth be told was small. It can only fit only 2 people for mani pedi at one time.

The Mani Pedi itself : I loved it!! I mean, minus how small the place was, the mani padi service was top notch. We had buffing for no extra charge, the massage on my arms and legs was good. And the buffing was one of the better ones I have had and I have been to a lot of mani pedi places ok? And the plus was also the manicurists' service. They were uber friendly and we were chatting away in no time ( I know this may be a minus to some people out there, they prefer not to chat but I loved this kind of service) .

It impressed me so much that me and Bonda ended up buying a package for ourselves to come next time. There is a promotion currently. Buy a mani pedi package worth more than RM300 and get a free OPI hand lotion.

The facebook page of Bellisia can be found here.

The listing for Bellisia in Tropicana City Mall can be found here.

Alright readers.

Have a good week ahead.




  1. this is when I miss going to pedi meni session in msia. UK so expensive!

  2. dana: I know right. The rates in groupon are super cheap!