Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Raya shopping

Sorry readers for the absence of substantial updates to this blog.

You guys would know by now how much of a foodie I am, and it constitutes almost 80% of my posts these days. Being the ramadhan month, I have not gone out to buka puasa (not even once). Hanya berbuka di rumah.

Ramadhan has been good and wonderful, and I will definitely be sad to see it leave soon for another year. I have finished half of the juzu' thanks to some rather sleepless nights. And I hope I can finish the whole of our Holy Quran by next week. It is a peace filled month, to my heart and my soul.

Moving on  to Raya shopping, can you believe it, I am 99% done for my Raya shopping !!. My baju raya was tailored and dah siap months ago. So last week just went looking for Aries and Airiel's baju Melayu and a few little trinkets. Tak rasa nak beli tudung baru sbb tudung kat rumah dah banyak. I don't know how to wear shawls and muka bulat so tak sesuai pakai, so i'll stick to Tudung Bawal.

Maybe this week nak beli kasut Aries sbb selipar and kasut Airiel dah terlampau banyak sgt. I'l maybe buy one pair of shoes.

Cukuplah persediaan sederhana sahaja.

But I have finally found my Raya bag for this year! Ini takleh lepas ok Hehe, saw it yesterday and terus beli sebab jatuh cinta. It's from the new 2011 fall collection from Longchamp. Simple and sesuai dengan theme this year!!

Hehe, I bought the bag from I Want Bags. I am eyeing some other bags for daily use sbb my old Poppy dah pudar warna and its patent leather is cracking.

Can you guess what the theme is for our small family's raya this year?


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