Monday, August 1, 2011

Osteria Realblue, Solaris Dutamas

I know its the fasting month, but I just have to blog about this one particular restaurant in Solaris Dutamas where I work. I went here with Farah Shu. This was on last Thursday before puasa.

Miminal decor, looks like a pizza parlor at first glance 

Welcoming plaque with Italian and English  

An open kitchen 

 The Specials on whiteboard outside the restaurant for everyone to see
The usual condiments to accompany the meal 

The yummy sambal served here is made with anchovies and was absolutely delicious and spicy.

 As our starters, we were recommended the smoky mozarella (just arrived from Bologna that very morning!) which were recommended by Sherry, the owner's wife who also worked there. It was served with olives and sun dried tomatoes. Delicious till the very last bite.

We were given a heap of homemade bread to eat while waiting for our food. 

Farah Shu's food. 

I ordered the special on the menu, the beef tartare. The last time I saw this on a menu anywhere was 12 years ago in the UK. Have not seen it since. So I ordered it straightaway. 

Just to give you a heads up, beef tartare is pure raw beef, mixed with ingredients of your choice. I chose to mix mine with shallots, mustard, olive oil and garlic, some salt and worcestershire sauce. As you can see Sherry is passionately mixing the beef for me. 

This is how the tartare was served. With a hearty salad and some caramelised apricot (I think). The beef melted in my mouth and was absolutely delicious (beef is from australia and have been certified halal).

Prices are not exactly cheap but the quality of the food is superb. I have been told by Sherry that the only open from 6.00 p.m onwards on weekdays and are only full day on weekends. However, weekends are on a 'reservations only' food service and the restaurant is usually fully reserved. 

Osteria Realblue is definitely a restaurant which I will come back to again and again (maybe once a month la kan sebab mahal) because the food is just so so good!.

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