Wednesday, January 15, 2014

EPIC Kangkung Memes

"Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to Government, when it deserves it" ~ Mark Twain

Hello readers,

I am sure all my readers know about the recent kangkung fiasco issue that has gone viral. I just have to share with you these memes that made me laugh so hard, I just fell off my chair.

 The 'Let's Eat Kangkung for breakfast, lunch and dinner' one

Kangkung Man anyone? hahaha 

Burger King jadik Burger Kangkung hadoiii 

The 'I'm a Kangkung Supplier' meme hahaha 


Keep Calm and eat the damned Kangkung hahaha 

Kangkung the movie meme 


Gelak terguling hahahaha 


Proton Kangkung haha so epic 

hahaha, apakah?? haha

This is just way TOO funny!! 

 Hahaha, bayar tol pakai kangkung

Kangkung Wikipedia...

And last but not least

Kangkung Tol Rates!!!

Hahaha, this is just so EPIC and too funny!!!

Apakah ini? 

Have a good remainder of the week people.

Disclaimer : I do not own these pictures and the rights to them belongs to the respective owners.

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