Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Boycott Israel - Progress Updates

Hi everyone,

With sadness I have been informed that a 19 year old Palestinian was shot yesterday in the chest yesterday and had his dead body ran over by the Israeli patrol vehicle who shot him.

May Mu'taz Alsharawneh rest in peace.

Remember the boycott my readers.

Also some good news on the boycott divestments and sanctions campaign ("BDS")- Stephen Hawking has joined the BDS campaign.

Alicia Keys on the other hand, despite protests from the BDS campaign supporters went ahead and performed in Israel recently.

Keep up with updates at the following links:-

1. Facebook page "Campaign of Exposing Israeli Crimes via Social Media; and

2. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign ("PSC") website.

Have a good week ahead everyone.

Work awaits me.

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