Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Never Forget [Boycott Israel - Progress Update]

My boycott have gone on strong still alhamdulillah.

Please readers, Israel is counting on us forgetting the cause, forgetting the fight, forgetting those who struggle.

So don't forget.

This is not just a religious crusade, in fact it is far from that. Do you guys know that 1 out of 4 Palestinians are not even muslims? And yet they are massacred just the same. Because they are Palestinians. This is APARTHEID people. Plain and simple.

They (you  know who) think they are a superior race, more than that of any race on this earth.

Remember what Nelson Mandela (my idol) said about the Palestinian crisis:-

Never forget readers. Never forget that evil is real. It is out there. It kills women and children. It slaughters the innocent. It imprisons without cause, it sentences without due process.

It is real.


And so Aisha, Ummi will always remember. Always....

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