Friday, May 17, 2013

Bye Bye Google Reader... - Alternatives?

I was heartbroken to find out Google reader will be no more soon - 1st July that is. I have all my shopping information kept in there, marked things that caught my eye at first glance ... before going through them again and deciding what to buy.

Such is the life of an avid online shopper.

But fret not other google reader fans, there are alternatives that I have found I can rely on. And I list down my top 3.

No. 3
Pulse - This app. was launched on the Ipad and is great. It doesn't rely on google reader for it to sync to although you can sync it to google reader if you want and is great on its own. Give it a try

No. 2
The Old Reader - I love this reader because it is so very much like google reader in appearance and all, except for the fact that all my old marked posts were gone and I had to start fresh with marking! But with thousands of sites in my list, how the heck do you remember right?

No. 1
Feedly - This is the frontrunner for me. I absolutely love how it looks! And since it syncs with google reader, all your marked posts were there. I have been told that feedly will come up with a carbon copy of the google reader's API (kinda sorta the genetic makeup of how google reader works) so I am expecting a smooth transition on the 1st July.

Allright readers who use google reader. Have a go at these will you. I can sleep better knowing I will not lose all my subscriptions!

I am going to miss you Google Reader. We have had a beautiful relationship all these years. But all good things must come to an end. HUgssssss

Have a good weekend ahead readers.

I'm signing off for the week

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