Thursday, April 11, 2013

Name Dropping

"Ada teratak di hujung kampung, bawah cermin kopak ada kotak
Tersembunyi dalamnya ada tempurung, sembunyi bawahnya katak melalak"

Those who know me from high school would know that that's were I became antisocial. Those who know me from my uni days would know that I was antisocial then. I rarely spoke and was walking around with my headphones everywhere. Those who know me now would know that I am STILL antisocial and yes I still do walk around with earphones everywhere.

I rarely attend events of high school mates or unimates and even at work unless it is absolutely compulsory (and even then, my colleagues drag me to it), because I just get uncomfortable at these kind of things. If my mates (be it high school, uni or work) want to tell me things, I listen. If they want to ask for my help, I go out of my way to do it. If they ask for my advice, I will give it and you can bet that they are going to hear what they NEED to hear as opposed to what they want to hear. Because you know what? That is what FRIENDS do. There should be no other reason.

I was so darned furious when someone told me I had a twitter account, because you  know what, I don't have one. I hate twitter, I hate instagram (no offence to whoever who swears by it, this is just me being antisocial) and I literally fell of my chair when a friend suggested I go on keek (yes there is such a thing) because I thought she was swearing at me.

This blog and FB is a place where I can share with my readers about where to eat, where to shop, where to find support groups for worthy causes (like Palestine) and support groups for diseases like Akif's hydrops. It's where I vent. It keeps me sane. It is perhaps the only place where I can truly speak without speaking (get my drift?). Because I love writing. Its a passion, its an obsession. It makes me happy. It gives me perspective. When I read back the posts I wrote, I remember how I was, how things were. It is to make me always remember who I am.

I do not appreciate it when my unimates, workmates, high school mates or total strangers drop my name around and spread stories that are just untrue about me. I mean, what the heck? I am sort of used to my relatives doing it yeah, but let's not go there shall we?

I am not a damned celebrity, or a socialite and it boggles my mind that anybody would want to talk about me, much less claim to know details of my life.

Please people, we are not in high school anymore, we are not in university anymore. We are in our thirties and have families. Stop acting like children. Stop talking about people or things you do not understand. If you got nothing nice or true to say, then SHUT UP. If you have something to say about ME, then you might as well say it to my face and see how I respond. Henti-hentikanlah boleh?

And if you hear something from someone who heard it from someone who heard it from someone else, you know what that is called? Its called a RUMOUR...chances of it being accurate are what? ZERO. Do you really believe everything you hear?

Perangai org Melayu yg takde keje lain sungguh. And you wonder why I choose to work here. The less Malays the better (pun intended). Mulut mcm haram.

Seperti kata aku semalam, aku tak kisah. Banyak pahala aku. Ignore aje. But you can be sure as hell that I don't take crap lying down ok? Hence this post.


  1. I agree with you on the blog n FB. I myself despise Instagram and now about to close my twitter account. At this age, I need to be pragmatic and control what I share to people. Also when we share stuff, some might not be happy to see and some speculate, I think as long as they have an organ called "mouth", they will not stop talking.

    I can relate how you feel about people talking about you, because they just want you to react and yes some are very childish. I once wrote something in my blog few weeks back about someone looking down on my qualification and the University I came from. I was pissed.

    Looking back, if i reacted in such a manner, it would only made me look like a fool.

    So dear idza, put your head up high and ignore them and kalau boleh senyum lagi kat dorang, i'm pretty sure they'll get bitter instead. hehe

  2. Dana: Aku tak paham org mcmni Dana. Mulut tak boleh berhenti bercakap. Takde keje sgt ke kat pejabat tu?

    Rimas aku. What business do these people have talking about our business betul tak? Anyways, aku takde nak react, but it just surprises me bila dah tua tua pun nak perangai mcm kita still kat uni or high school lagi.

    Mengumpat sini sana. Eiiii, apa hal ntah. Thanks for the support dana, really appreciate it

  3. It's not just you, Idza. I'm surprise myself that at our age ada lagi perangai macam budak-budak sekolah! They talk behind our back like nothing matters. Pastu gi tanya semua orang kecuali kita, what's going on with us? Please la... if you have problem with that person, gi la confront only that person. Tak yah nak kecoh sana sini. Takde kerja lain betul agaknya.

    The only solution I did was senyap. Malas nak layan benda-benda ni. Buang masa kita je.

  4. Haiza: itula, aku completely agree...aku tak paham org mcmnni. apa la yg diorg fikir dlm kepala otak diorg agaknye...sigh

  5. Aiyok aiza marah. Hehe

    Jgn marah2 korgg nnti keduuut! Org pnah umpat aku gmuk sbb balasan dosa lampau yg xtertanggung n xdimaafkn. Hehee kartun betul.

    Biarlah. Kite jg tggjwb kite kpd Allah S.W.T dan org2 sekeliling kite. Cukup. Selebihnye biar Dia yg uruskan. Tp klau smpai mnjejaskn maruah dan periuk nasi tu mmg nk kene piuh tlinge! Heheee

  6. adis : apa kaitan badan sihat sbb senang hati dgn dosa terlampau huhu? bodo ke aper. nak aku cili mulut mulut takde insurans ni...eiii, malas aku nak layan teringin jugak nak kasi pelempang jepun...hahaha

  7. Hello idza,

    im ur silent reader. People wont stop talking and bitching around, tak kisahla melayu ka cina ka, india ka.

    But as a Muslim Malay, i admit that mmg ada org mentaliti mcm tu, dengki khianat.

    Yes, ignorance is a total bliss. And yes, i love reading your blog.

    Keep writing, dear!! :)

  8. Thanks Mrs. Critical Thinking! I will!! hehe

  9. hi idza, being a mini-celebrity (ngeh2)..have it's ups and downs...but the thing is we can't really dictate what others wanna say abt us...and people rarely talks about good stuffs about other people...hmmm...xpe, sabar je..lama2 org bosan nak bercakap :)