Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chomey, Authentic Kelantanese Cuisine, The Curve

Hello readers,

Confinement is over, I am back at work so it is only fair to start posts on my food escapades once more.

Yesterday, my little family somehow ended up at the Curve and husband wanted to look for a place to have breakfast.

We ended up at Chomey, and true to its name, the decor was cute. White and Green (my fave colours).

We ordered these:-

Total damage came up to RM72 which is definitely cheaper than Kelantan Delights k? And I actually liked the nasi kerabu here better. Ohh, and they threw in free dessert, some durian thing which I couldn't eat sebab nenda says itu kena pantang lama.

Give it all a try will you?


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