Monday, November 19, 2012

Online Shopping 2012 - Part 6

Hello everyone,

I am back to the office after a long week away for Deepavali. Went back to Mars and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Work was crazy while I was away (hint: erinford injunction to oppose in Kuantan no less) but managed to prepare all the paperwork for the bosses before I left.

Anyways, I have bought a few things over the long weekend.

This is from Kedai Brooch Korea. I figured that since I like shiny things and I don't want to habiskan duit Aries beli barang kemas, might as well go for cheaper shiny options! Hehehe. I usually share these brooches with my mum. So we order and/or buy the ones we like in bulk. Pretty aren't they?

This is for me. Honestly I am no longer interested in leather or patent leather bags. Having an active kid around, I realised that nylon bags last me the most and are the most durable. And this bag is so cute!
This is from Style Exchange.

And something for my mum. This is from Bella Lady Store. Like I said to the young generations of today. Me and Bonda's motto is simple. What our parents want, they get.

A far cry from my grandma being starved to death by not having anything in her kitchen and having to recycle her diapers ehh? (opps, I wonder if this portion will be PHOTOCOPIED and DISTRIBUTED by certain batu api relatives - Baik korang balik kampung opah aku tgk barang dapur dia ada ke tak, pampers dia cukup ke tak daripada dok sibuk mengumpat pasal aku. Ada aku kisah? ) Nauzubillah.

Off to an extremely busy week everyone. You have a good week ahead. And remember no matter how bad it is for you, it cannot be as bad as the suffering as our brothers and sisters in Gaza. So just suck it up ok?


  1. sedih sangat untuk opah. =(


  2. huda: aku pun sedih, nak nangis je rasa