Monday, November 5, 2012

Airiel's Graduation Day

Hello Everyone,

Last Saturday was Airiel's graduation concert for the year 2012.

All pics and video are in Aries' phone as my camcorder has issues of the day la plak.

But this was one pic I took.

Boy, my son has grown. He speaks fluent Malay and English now and dabs at Mandarin too as there are Mandarin classes as well. He has moved on to Igra' Book 2 alhamdulillah. But the problem is, he never wants to do anything at home sbb he always says 'Airiel dah learn kat school mama'.

Instead he tries to teach me alphabets and numbers on his blackboard we got from Ikea (RM79 what a bargain!) and he is so garanglah. He goes 'Look here mama!' and 'Pay attention Mama!'. Alahai anak aku ni.

You should see him scolding Aries on the weekend when its his turn to be taught. Hahaha

Ok, what a way for me to start the week. My heart is melting.

Have a good week ahead.


  1. i always caught my imran 'teaching' his lil sister while playing. most of the time it is like this "irsa!!!! jangan buat mcm tu!!! abang cepuk nak? abang cepuk? abang garang nih" kihkih.

  2. hah. Sabarjela ida. Lucu kan gelagat anak anak. Aku dgn matyie la jadi mangsa sbb airiel mana ada adik lagi. Dlm proses hehe