Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII

Hello Everyone

While I was left alone at home sementara semua org pergi beraya this year, I took up my FFXIII game and started playing it.

I mean I bought the game like 2 years ago but with the presence of Airiel at the time, I had to make a conscious decision to not play the game and concentrate on him instead.

I try and make time for like an hour a day these days after Airiel has gone to bed to play, but its really not easy to balance out the time.

Anyways, let me just tell you its a visually stunning game. I mean I have tried all manner of Western made games, and it is just falls short of what the Japanese games can do when it comes to a feast for your eyes.

Aren't the graphics awesome?

That being said, I was surprised that this was even a Final Fantasy series to begin with. When I started playing it, it had no similarities to any of the previous Final Fantasy games I have played ( and yes, I have played and completed ALL of them). Having played Final Fantasy since SNES days, I was really surprised at how linear the game was for the most part of it.

No towns? No mini games? No chocobo raising? No exploring and wasting time finding weird armor or stealing super rare items from monsters? These were always, always common themes present in ALL final fantasy titles.

And the battle system was different and did not allow for much creativity on a player's part maybe except for the switching of the paradigms. Because choosing your own battle action slows down your ATB gauge, you end up letting it go automatic.

So so sad I was.

But then I suppose once you get over the initial shock of how different things are, the game is not all that bad.   Storyline is epic (as is all FF titles) and whilst everything is an adjustment, you have to give credit to EA for trying something different.

Only maybe not SOOOO different next time ok EA?

Whilst I usually replay all FF games I complete a couple of times, I don't think I will be replaying FFXIII once I complete it. Simply because, I didn't think I missed anything (Yes, it was that LINEAR).

I got my hands on FFXIII-2. But I am so, so excited about FFXIII versus coming out. Is it true its coming out in December 2012?

Can't wait for that one, the trailer is AWESOME!! Take a look

Have a good week ahead, whatever's left of it. I shall be dreaming about Versus!

P.S - The pictures and videos are credited to their owners.

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