Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Allergic to Shopping

Those who know me knows that I LOVE to shop. Tanyalah puan Huda Zuhrah ok? Hahaha

But this pregnancy has turned my life upside down. The mere thought of buying something will make me want to vomit. Yes, it makes me sick to even think of buying something, tak kiralah online shopping ke, shopping betul ke. When my sister mentions the word 'shopping raya' to my mum and when they want to go, I just go AHHH...and run away for my life as it makes me physically sick.

Adakah ini doa Aries to curb down on wifey's shopping habit haha? (padahal Aries lagilah suka shopping).

And yes it is BAD, I look at bags which I used to love buying and I can't stand looking at them at all. Its just way too weird.

Whilst this maybe money saving for Aries, its also bad because I have NOT bought anything for Raya. NOTHING. Apart from my baju raya which dah ditempah some months back, I have bought nothing else for Aries or Airiel. So they still don't have Baju Melayu, Baju Raya, kasut raya, anything raya lah. ZERO.

I feel so bad. This means that I must buy everything this weekend. How am I supposed to do that when even the thought of shopping makes me vomit? Sigh.

Anyways, in between vomiting I managed to buy some baju sets for Airiel  (Yes, in between surfing for the baju, filling out the ordering form and later paying, I was vomiting). These are from Baby and Kids Land:-

Hoo boy, looking at these pics makes me want to heave. Ok guys, please take care. I'm gonna go vomit now.


  1. huhu~.. seriusly?.. x boleh shopping dah.
    sob sob.. sedih aku..(alhamdulillah juge.. ada gak anak ko yg x suke shopping nnt.. huhu~)

    ingat nak ajak jalan2..
    tapi tunggu elok sikit ok.. jgn stress2..jaga kesihatan


  2. Huda, aku raya KL je tahun. mehla dtg rumah aku. Doktor tak bagi aku jenjalan. High risk pregnancy katanya. Haritu dah bleeding skit aduyai. Ko masak bihun sup tak tahun ni?