Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What makes THEM so special?

Forgive a preggy lady for being so grumpy during Ramadhan but I have just had about enough of people who thinks that they are better than everyone else.

I was stuck in a traffic jam on the way home today. Like the rest of the working population in KL who was rushing off home to cook, buy and prepare stuff for their family to berbuka puasa.

In typical Malaysian fashion, a minister's car with police escort forced this sea of cars stuck in a jam to make way for his entourage. While it has always annoyed me when this happens, I was especially enraged that such a wanton display of power or abuse of it, rather could take place during Ramadhan.

I do have friends who defend these kind of displays by saying 'Oh, but they're not like US, they're SPECIAL'. And so i ask them 'in what way are they SPECIAL?'. And they would say 'they are ministers, so their are special lah' and I am like 'Excuse me? have you been brainwashed during some alien programme which took place on the moon or something?'

To me, yes so you are a Minister. It means my VOTE as a citizen (oh sorry maybe not my vote since i don't vote) put you and your party there. Your salary comes from MY tax money and MY tax money also pays for your stupid entourage. And yes, while you may have more work than I do in running a government department, it is called a RESPONSIBILITY and definitely not a privilege. Besides, you yg nak sangat jadi menteri, you pikullah tanggungjawab tu.

Can you imagine what kind of talents and resources we are wasting by asking a bunch of cops to guard one single person who nobody would even bother spitting on? Shouldn't their expertise be better used battling crime? All these attacks and kidnapping at all these malls, hah, hantarlah polis kat situ, yang nak dok sibuk suruh orang bagi jalan for one single person for what?

So what makes THEM special?

I understand why it is so hard for this country to battle corruption and battle people trying to bend the laws to make their life easier. You want to know WHY? Because our leaders demonstrate blatantly that they can disregard the law completely. It is simple things like this, cutting corners and getting cops to intimidate other road users so that they can pass through in complete ignorance of all the traffic laws we have. This is the example they are setting for the rest of their citizens.

It is shameful and pathetic.

I curse you minister. Aku claim balik masa akhirat nanti sbb polis naik motor nyaris langgar kereta aku and instead of an hour, it took me almost two hours to reach home because of the jam you exacerbated, and trust me, that is where it all counts.

I doubt you can use your MINISTER status or an entourage of cops utk melepasi titi Siratul Mustaqim. Haha.

SPECIAL indeed ehh?


  1. I doubt you can use your MINISTER status or an entourage of cops utk melepasi titi Siratul Mustaqim. Haha.

    ~haha jugak!!. menarik perumpamaan ko.. huhu~ like 1000x


  2. Hehe, aku tgh marah time tuh Huda. Ko pun tahu betapa lasernye mulut aku ni bila marah hahahaha