Monday, July 23, 2012

Trying to survive morning sickness

If you find stories on vomiting every 5 minutes gross, I suggest you leave this post straight away.

When I was preggers with Airiel, I only vomited in the morning (like heavy vomiting) which did suck but at least I would be alright for the rest of the day. No queasiness after that.

Well, this one...this one is on a whole other level. I feel like heaving every 5 mins. I can't bring myself to eat or drink at all, I can't even stand the smell of food. Actually, what I realised is, even the mention of a particular dish would make my eyes water and want to vomit.

Yuck, to top it all off, its fasting month and the icing on the cake would be none other than the fact that I still have to go to work every single day.

I am just trying to keep fluids down at the moment so that I don't end up at the hospital. For that reason, my sis' advice was perhaps to not fast for the time being until I feel much better and vomit less. I am thinking if I get no food and fluid down, I might harm myself and the baby.

Terpaksalah qadha puasa pulak ...haishh..

Tough week ahead for me my readers...hope yours are better...

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  1. hi idza!!! oh myyy congrats!! very happy indeed to hear this news. I pray for the best. take good care ya