Friday, December 9, 2011

Krabi Food [Part 1] - Frasai Seafood


As promised, updates about Krabi. Since I am a notorious foodie, I'll start with the aspects that are closest to my heart, the food!!

This is the food we had on our first day in Krabi.

I don't know what drink this is but its lovely and refreshing

Frasai Seafood stall menu

Som Tum [Papaya Salad] Hands down the best som tum we had while we were in Krabi. I was addicted to this. Masam and pedas

The tom yum which was tangy and sour and pedas. Sgt sedap!!

 Crab meat omelette. I would say its an acquired taste because the flavour combination was weird to me.

Frasai seafood is halal and is run my muslims [siap pakai tudung lagi and there was even a girl who knew how to speak fluent malay as she spent some years in langkawi working as a cook]. You can find the stall at the nopparat thara pier where all the boats stop to pick up passengers for their tour. Just keep a look out for the girl with the scarf selling deep fried goodies right at the front.

Until the next krabi update, have a good weekend everyone!!

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