Monday, December 19, 2011

Hadramawt, Johor Bahru

On one of my recent court attendances in JB where Aries was sick, we stayed in and did something we would not usually do, we dined at hotel restaurants.

We ate at Putri Pacific's in house restaurant, Hadramawt.

I loved how rich fabrics lined the ceiling

and the walls

ambiance was warm and cozy

the decorations adorning the wall

 the tabouleh which is a must for me to each middle eastern restaurant I go to. I loved how this is sour and slightly sweet (from the onion) with a tangy taste in each bite
despite Aries' tonsils, he lapped up the bread

this was garlic lamb, to be eaten with the bread. This was hands down to me, the best dish of the night. Lamb was tender and fried with garlic and other spices. Yummy

my mixed grill. I loved the chicken and lamb but the meat kebab was a tad bit dry.

 the rice that came with the kebab. Actually all the kebabs were supposed to be served with fries but I asked for that to be replaced with rice instead. Thought it was a tad weird to be eating kebab with fries (although this was common in the UK, but hey we're in JB right?)

I was happy with the meal and would come back again.

It is a Monday with less than 2 weeks in for 2011. Have a great week ahead people!!!

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