Sunday, July 10, 2011

Papillion, Solaris Dutamas

I have not been updating for a while. Been busy with things at work.

So anyways, amidst the restaurants popping up like mushrooms after the rain at my workplace, which is apparently a 'happening place' for some. Papillion is a quaint little restaurant nestled next to Comida. They have a lunch promotion which a colleague and I decided to try out.

This is the starter, creamy pumpkin soup. I loved the texture

My carbonara. I personally love this, but a friend of mine who tried this much later stated that it was nothing extraordinary. I disagree
My colleague had the lamb chops.
Cinnamon Tea was complimentary. Yummy, this was just great. The cinnamon taste was enough to titillate the taste buds, but were not overpowering.
My fave part about the restaurant, we get to put in our own pepper! You know how annoying it is when restaurant waiters do it for you and then take it away...hehe.

The set came with ice lemon tea but I did not take pics of those.

The lunch set is priced reasonably at RM16.90.

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