Thursday, July 28, 2011

Food Glorious Food

Had the fortune (or misfortune depending on how you look at it) to go to JB for a hearing, only to find on the day of hearing that my file has been closed (WTF?).

Anyways, Aries being extra nice knew the only thing that could make me smile is FOOD, took me to some amazing places. Shall start:-

Tempat Makan Ada Belangkas (Stall Tak Tahu Nama)

Ok, this place was near the zon, dekat kedai bebanyak tepi laut tu. It was so delish.

Teh O Panas 

My Belangkas, it was so so delicious and tasted like lobster, masak dgn sambal 

Masak Sotong sambal, yummy! 

What is in this strange looking package?

Open it and Lo and Behold, the nasi! 

The delicious ikan pari, yummy 

And untuk nampak healthy, some kailan hehehe

Next day, after the hearing, Aries took me to:-

ZZ Sup Tulang

Otak-otak yg sgt sedappp 

Aries, khusyuk nak get ready makan 

Telur Dadar... 

The famous sup tulang, the straw is given to suck out the marrow...slurrrppp

Until the next foodie post!

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