Monday, November 25, 2013

Beauty Products to Include in My Routine - Eye Cream

Hey readers,

How was your weekend?

I just turned 30 in October and sort off realised I needed to take care of myself more. I plan on including an eye cream in my daily regime from now on. Lambat kan? I know some of my friends memang dah pakai sejak teens lagi, but eye creams are just so expensive and I do not notice anything terrible under my eyes, its just mata selalu bengkak sekarang especially when I cry missing Akif.

Anyways, I have narrowed it down to a few brands, so lets see:-

1. This is of course tops the list. I am an avid SKII user since its the only brand that has suited my skin so far. I use SKII for my daily skincare.

SKII Skin Signature Eye Cream

The price tag is around RM3++ -RM4++ for 15grams so it is one of the pricier ones in the market. 

2. Kiehl's Eye Creams

This one got me really confused sbb eye cream dia byk jenis gile. Price range in between RM1++ to around RM200 max. 

3. Sulwhasoo Rejuvenating Eye Cream

I am kind of partial against asian brands because I just think they would suit asian skin better, and Sulwhasoo is a rising star in Malaysia. Some of you my readers have highly recommended this product.

Just like SKII, Sulwhasoo's eye cream is not cheap. RM4++ for 25ml bottle. But cheaperlah compared to SKII whose price is just about the same for 15grams kan

4. Murad Eye Creams 

I am not that familiar with the Murad range of products but there have been some good reviews on them. These costs around RM2++ for a 15ml bottle.

5. Chanel Sublimage Ultimate Regeneration Eye Cream

The name is a handful ehh? Well at RM7++ for a 15gram bottle, the price packs a wallop for your wallet as well. I am not sure about spending this much money for an eye cream.

6. Dior Eye Creams

 Satin Revitalising Eye Cream - RM4++ for 15 ml

Hydra Life Youth Essential Hydrating Eye Cream - RM2++ for 15 ml
I am quite intrigued with the hydra life essential hydrating eye cream. There have been a lot of good reviews for this one.

7. Garnier Eye Products

One of my readers highly recommended Garnier and said that she has been a faithful user for years and have seen her eyebags literally disappear! And best of all, these eye products from Garnier costs between RM30-RM50 only! Awesome..

8. Skinfood Salmon Eye Cream

This was also recommended by a reader and I am seriously considering this. RM1++ sounds like a reasonable price tag and reviews have been stellar online.

Any more recommendations from my readers are deeply appreciated if you have used any of these products. 

Have a good week ahead!

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