Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Boycott Israel - Progress Update [Instant Noodles]

Hello Everyone,

I have just managed to finish an opinion. Documents were only given yesterday and I had to hand it over before lunch.

Managed to get it done alhamdulillah.

Anyways, back to my progress update. I have permanently changed the instant noodles the household used to buy. You know that the biggest food producer in the world is substantially owned by Israel right and are integral in funding the IDF. So instead I have changed my instant noodles to a local company.

And I love the flavour. The Mamee company is a local company formed in 1976. The company website is here.

Remember readers. The trick is in boycotting Israeli products and making it easy for yourself is to go local or go Asian. Buy local products or Asian based products. So many alternatives out there in the market.

Best of luck!

Have a good weekend ahead.


  1. salam. maaf tapi boleh tahu mana sumber mengaitkan mamee dan israel?

    Mamee Double-Decker Berhad is a Malaysian based company with interests in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of snack foods, beverages, and other products

    itu yg saya dapat dari google. saya cari di inminds.co.uk, mamee tidak tersenarai. harap dpt bantu saya. thanks :)

    1. Hi Farwina, they are not listed on the boycott so thats why I put up this blog post, mamee is a good alternative to maggi under nestle who is listed. Mamee is a local brand so please support it. Hope that clarifies things.