Monday, June 3, 2013

Baci, Citta Mall Ara Damansara

Hello Readers,

It's a Monday and Monday's suck especially when you have work to rush.

I am loving my coffee and my office IT guy just installed my work database on my mackie this morning which allows me to work from home or on the go more effectively! Hooray!

So my Monday is not so bad I guess. goes a food entry which I should have posted aeons ago. On a hang out session with a fried, she suggested Baci. I mean Ara Damansara is where I live and I go to Citta Mall a lot, but honestly, I have never been to Baci.

I opted for something safe ordering the first time and had spaghetti bolognese (huge portion I might add) and some nice tea.

It was not bad and I recall the prices were reasonable.

The best part? The seats! You have an option to sit on a Japanese bersila, sofa 'ish' type of seats there.


Alright. work beckons. I miss Airiel already.

Have a good the rest of the week.


  1. you know what I like about your blog? you go out and dine places that i've never been before and ohh i like your honest tips on their food and prices. it pretty much give me an idea and what to expect whenever im around town and dine at these places.

  2. Dana: Hehe, yupp dana. Dulu aku kaki makan. Sekarang sejak akif meninggal, dah kurang selera skit. Tapi aku try jugak tempt tempat baru. Will keep it up. Most readers aku kengkadang request aku review certain places. Yg paling best ada restoran suruh aku makan diorg bagi duit so aku boleh buat review tp aku decline sbb aku rasa nanti aku tak boleh honest pasal food dia heheh