Friday, March 2, 2012

Krabi Food [Part 4] - Street Food

Ok, this is the last part of my Krabi food update.

Just some pics on the street food available in Ao nang.

Aries' Nasi Goreng. Freshly made and piping hot 

This would be on every table on every roadside stall in Ao nang. We loved it and makan semua mantah mantah. I still remember this caucasian giving us a funny look. Oh c'mon, how different is it than you average western salad? Poyolah org putih ni

My Paad Thai. A bit on the sweet side. Rasa macam kat kelate plak. Haha. Tapi still sedap.

In the rush to makan, I forgot to take pics of the roadside stall. Nama stall pun tak tahu, one thing I know is that there are one whole row of stalls kat situ before you start seeing the bars lining up.

Yang penting kena tanya dulu, "Halal yes?" and lagi best kalau kakak yang jual tu pakai tudung. Yelah kat Ao nang tu mana ada pensijilan halal JAKIM ke ape kan. Kalau diorg cakap ye, tawakkal dan yakinlah makanan di situ halal.

Ok guys. Happy Friday!!!

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