Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ujian Akhir Tahun

And I wish my title above referred to PMR or SPM or something. But alas...

Something always happens to our family every end of the year.

Nenda was the first, and had to be admitted and undergo surgery for her fibroid. I was in high school.

And then it was Atok and his heart attack, it was at this time we realised that Atok was taking way too much responsibility for Maksu and the family and had decided to start having a maid. I was also high school as well I think.

And then it was Maksu were she had to be admitted for 2 weeks for a severe allergic reaction to something. Not only that, she developed DVT during her stint in the hospital and had to take warfarin which she had to take for a long time. I think I was still in law school. At this time, I think I had already met Aries and although we were not married, he was there for the family throughout the ordeal. I think it was at that point of time I knew he was really intent on being with me for the long haul, thick and thin you know what I mean? I was sold on him. Hehe

When I was heavily preggers with Airiel, Atok was admitted for Busung kat hospital. Lepas operation that showed he was not medically sick, pergi berubat kampung pulak. I think this was the worst time for all of us in the family as there was a very real fear in us that Atok, although being a fighter that he is... may not make it out of this one. Syukur kepada Allah kerana it all worked out ok.

And the next year it was Bonda with her eye surgery and her 'I am legally half blind but I am my father's daughter and I am tough and I drive anywhere anyway...' And in the same year after that it was Ayah with his busung again, this time tak masuk spital, terus pergi berubat. I was suffering from severe ashesion colic and at times I would just feel like 'Ya Allah, dah nak matike hambaMu ini? Sakitnye tak tertahan...'

And this year, Bonda had to have her hempedu surgery, some other health issues and now...bring the drum roll please!!! Giliran Maksu tiba!! Maksu has been bleeding non-stop and is scheduled to have surgery next week to install a contraption to make the bleeding stop and to have her checked out to see whether there is anything else which is wrong with her. I am worried, Maksu being a disabled with a host of medical conditions and allergies and going under during the surgery...the family all knows the risks. So today is the 'I am worried and cannot bring myself to eat' day.

Our household and especially matters concerning Maksu, are run like a well oiled machine. So while Bonda deals with all the medical issues in our nucleus family, I deal with the legal aspects of Maksu and everybody else, makes sure that bills are paid, that loans for cars are paid on time and that everything is order for the smooth running of the house. I come up with the expected budget for household expenditure and approve claims made by other family members in respect of Maksu's medical bills etc. It is a labour of love on the part of all us.

Allah itu Maha Kaya. Ujian seperti ini, our family expects at every end of the year. It humbles us, scares the shit out of us and makes us realise what is really important in our lives and that is each other. Walaupun risau, hati tetap rasa bersyukur dan berterima kasih atas segala rezeki yang telah dikurniakan.

Like I have said before, things are tough, yes that is true. But make no mistake, WE... this nucleus family of ours are tougher.

Pray for us readers, you may think its nothing..but trust me when I say that there is nothing more powerful than the effect of a prayer.

Thank you


  1. When one of our family members gets really really sick, our priorities changed immediately. When i get into a critical situation, i'll always tell myself not to cry n be strong for the ppl who loves me. I know ur a strong person, and always remember that they r many ppl out there going thru a whole lot worse situation than u do.

  2. Thanks Dana, aku dan family mmg hari hari jumpa org yg malang. There is this one family yg my dad tolong, the husband who was a taxi driver got a stroke and cannot move, the wife has been diagnosed with cancer and they have 3 schooling children. Masyaallah. Aku bersyukur dengan kehidupan aku.