Saturday, January 2, 2016

1. Silver Spoon, Solaris Dutamas; 2. Pastel, Solaris Dutamas; 3. Tuk Tuk, Solaris Dutamas; 4.Eat With Mune, Solaris Dutamas; 5. Two Sons Bistro; Solaris Dutamas; 6. BBQ Chicken, One City

"If more of us valued food and cheer and song over hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world" ~ J.R.R Tolkien

In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful.

It is 2016! Wehheeee....

No rewind post for me for 2015 and all that crap about being a better person blah blah blah...I am determined to try and be less of an a*&hole this year and every year after that. Wakaka.

Anyway, this is massive foodie post. Might as well start with the most important things in life aka FOOD.

1. Silver Spoon, Solaris Dutamas

I have posted  about this restaurant before and I will post about it again. I have NEVER ordered a single bad dish from this place. It has awesome lunch sets, but NIN and I decided to go ala carte for the last working lunch of 2015 the other day. Sorry about the blurry pics. I am not a photographer and my hands were shaking because I was soooo hungry.

My starter, the escargot. Not the typical garlicky ones you find everywhere else and the smell of truffle oil was thoroughly intoxicating. Yummy

NIN's risotto. Again beautifully made and flavourful

My seafood paella. It took 20 mins to make and tasted like the sea...yummy. 

NIN's starter, scallops wrapped around beef bacon strips. The scallops just melted in my mouth and it had the saltiness of the beef bacon strips. Wow, just wow.

I honestly do not understand why people end up eating in Social instead of here, where the food is just excellent. Must do in 2016 for you guys - TRY this place out!

2. Pastel, Solaris Dutamas

Pastel took over from the shop previously known as Coffee Ritual, a place which I also adored and had to say goodbye to. They changed up the decor a bit and the menu now revolves around Korean inspired cafe dishes. NIN and I dropped by for an evening snack before continuing with work so I didn't order mains.

My definition of a snack = Coffee.  No complaints. Love the way it was presented.

 NIN's salmon pasta dish which I couldn't taste (I do not eat fish).

3. Tuk Tuk, Solaris Dutamas

Tuk Tuk is a new place located where Mee Jawa once stood, who have now officially closed down. It has a quirky, funky decor. Almost all the servers and cooks here are Thai, and barely speak English so you know the food is legit Thai food.

Cute right?

I mean its a Thai place, so of course I had to order the Thai Iced tea

Love all the colours and how they have decorated it with places in Thailand

My seafood mince basil dish. We usually find minced chicken basil in other shops. It was lovely, and seafood was fresh.

NIN's thai iced lemon tea

NIN's seafood fried rice. Which was also yummy. The egg is from my dish actually, because I am deadly afraid of runny egg yolks (Don't Ask).

This Prawn Sambal Petai was so awesomely spicy good. I have high pedas tolerance (like makan cili padi mcm ulam punya standard) and even then this blew my head off. But you just wanted more and more of it. Addictive.

A good thai place which you guys must try. All the dishes and drinks came up to about RM70ish though so it isn't entirely budget, but the food is good.

4. Eat with Mune, Solaris Dutamas

This is another place that stands where the old London Town was. It's sort of a healthy food place concept, where they have malay and western dishes with a healthy twist. Only I ate because NIN had already eaten after court.

I ordered Nasi Ulam or the healthy version of it rather. It was good enough for healthy food, I guess. Not an entirely budget place either as this dish can set you back around RM30+.

5. Two Sons Bistro, Solaris Dutamas

Two Sons Bistro now stood where the old Dr. Cafe once was (I cried when this place shut down...sob sob). NIN and I only ventured here for tea, so we didnt order any mains when we came. We have yet to try the other dishes on the menu. Maybe I'll do that later this year.

Lamb meatballs with gravy. Finger licking good.

This is my beef salad (can't remember the proper name). Good but not entirely memorable. The beef was tender and flavourful though.

The restaurant is promising and I'll visit again and give you guys an update.

6. BBQ Chicken, One City (USJ25)

This is the last listing, but was a hidden gem I found wondering around while I was hungry. It's located next to Gloria Jeans Coffee in One City Mall, which is connected to One.City hotel.

Paris Wings, lovely caramelised sauce to accompany it. 

This Jerk Chicken is AMAZING. Come here and order this and nothing else. You know why the picture looks like this? Thats because I had eaten half of it before I remembered that I should have taken a picture. Good things must be shared. Order this, you will not regret it. 

No other pics were taken, because it was all gobbled up. This place is almost always full though, so you may have to wait a little for your food. But I would come here again and again for the Jerk Chicken (adoi terliurr).

Alright readers, do give the places a try and let me know what you think.

Have a good year 2016 ahead from Airiel and I.

Peace and love.


  1. Hello there, I really enjoy reading this topic since I'm currently searching for new places to try. However, if it isn't too much trouble, can you also post picture(s) of the menu and prices?

    Thank you very much :)

    1. Hi, I tak sempat amik aritu. But the prices are pretty standard for meals around publika. Be prepared to spend RM30+ per meal. Huhu. Have fun eating!

  2. How do u know that the foods served are halal? Jakim certified? I know that if they serve alcohol they wouldn't get halal certificate. but still how do u know the foods are halal....because muslim who read this might wanna try too. Btw Can we eat escargot? Hhmmm.

    1. Well, short of going to the kitchen, I really would not know for sure. I just take their word for it. Yes, a lot of places in Malaysia cant get halal certification sbb they serve alcohol but source halal chicken and beef, good enough for me, not sure about everyone else. In so far as escargot is concerned, the hanafi mazhab forbids it but not the other mazhabs so I just eat it. If you are confident go ahead, if not don't. Best of luck!