Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Money Crunch - Making Every Ringgit Count - Part 2

"While money can't buy you happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery..." 
~ Groucho Marx

In the name of Allah, the Benevolent, the Merciful...

Hello readers,

I am back from a weekend of weddings, and a quick getaway with my family.

Rejuvenated I am.

I promised part 2 to the previous post below. And so here I am.

Cashback Websites

I rely on 2 websites in so far as cashbacks are concerned. I am an avid online shopper and buy almost everything online these days. How these websites work is simple.

1. Sign up for an account with the website
2. Click to go to other websites through theirs
3. Make your purchase
4. A specified percentage of the purchase price goes to your cashback account
5. When you want, request a cash out!

You're all set!

Now on to my fave 2 cashback websites.

1. Shopback

So thats my account. And see its already up to a certain amount. Hooray!

2. Cashback Milkadeal

I also have an account with Milkadeal and have got some cashback from my purchases so far. Awesomeness!

Remember readers, some of the sites offered on both these cashback websites overlap so its a matter of personal preference really. But there are exclusives to each website too so go through them.

Happy shopping and earn back some money in the meantime!

Have a good rest of the week.

Much love from Airiel and I.

Peace and love to everyone.

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