Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sunway Putra Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

"I try not to live in the past... but sometimes the past lives in me..." ~ Jamie Ford

Hello readers,

It's been a while and there has been a massive backlog of my weekie updates. 

I've been on numerous weekies but have not been able to update you guys on the hotels that I have stayed in. Either its been busy or I have been really lazy, honestly I can't really tell haha.

Anyway, recently I had a weekie and Sunway Putra Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. I think previously it was known as the Legend Hotel before it was bought over by the Sunway Group and given a new lease on life.

Okay, moving on to the pics.

A nice seating area for 2 in the Deluxe Twin Beds room

Love the lamp and greenish colour scheme

Working desk nice and sleek

 Flat Screen TV

My single bed. 


I just loved the rainforest shower head. It was simply awesome. No bathtub though guys

Towels galore

Nice wooden flooring everywhere


1. The hotel is nice and new;

2. Staff service was lovely. Friendly, polite and helpful;

3. Big spacious, clean room;

4. Location;

5. Price (it was definitely value for money the time I bought it, but I suspect when it is more known the price will definitely go up); and

6. Attached to a mall so convenient for shopping, eating etc. (I think this was previously known as The Mall or something and now its called Sunway Putra Mall).


1. Wifi password given to me did not work. Apparently they gave me an expired one. Can't seem to connect with the wifi with my phones even after the correct password. Worked fine for my laptop though; and

2.  Breakfast was so so.

My review on can be found here.

Alright guys.

I have another vaccay coming up soon and numerous travel plans in October. Catch up soon.

Stay safe and yellow on the road today!

Much love from Airiel and I. Peace and love to everyone.

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