Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Honey & Oatmeal Mask

"She did not know the nature of her loneliness. The only words that named it were: This is not the world I expected..." ~ Ayn Rand

Hello readers.

More updates on my DIY all natural craze.

I have found the perfect mask for my face. 

Its so easy peasy to make.


1. Honey 
2. Oatmeal


1. Put ingredients on a plate
2. Mix
3. Put on face 
4. Leave for 5-10 mins
5. Wash off
6. (Feel free to eat the balance on the plate haha)

Haha. Ini semua instructions poyo. But just in case, I'll write it down for your guys.

This mask is oh so awesome for dry skin. I don't think I'd recommend it for oily skin though.

I would suggest doing this once a week. It's so good I literally had to stop touching my face every 5 mins after washing it off, it makes my skin so soft!


Feedback is appreciated from those that have tried this okay?

I have an awesome recipe for hair which I will share soon.

Much love from Airiel and I.

Peace and love to everyone.

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