Friday, October 31, 2014

The Royale Chulan Damansara

"You have made a place in my heart where I thought there was no room for anything else. 
You have made flowers grow where I cultivated dust and stones. Remember this, on this journey you insist on making. If you die, I will not survive you long..."~ Robert Jordan

Hello everyone.

I have been quiet I know. Things have been crazy and insanely busy.

Its time for my weekie updates.

This time the familia went to Royale Chulan Damansara.

The warm decor of the room... totally loved everything

 Bathroom, toiletries, small little pantry and fridge area. It was lovely and spacious as well

 Airiel enjoying himself in the kiddy playing area. He's quite the little chef here haha

The hotel had some fancy Halloween decorations as well...

Okay, the hotel has its pros and cons:-


1. The decor is beautiful with warm wallpaper furnishings and warm lighting throughout the floors and rooms;

2. The rooms were spacious and so was the bathroom;

3. The hotel is directly connected to the Curve making shopping a breeze;

4. There is wait for it.... an ice skating rink inside the hotel (awesome); and

5. There is a nice play area for kids for a discounted rate for hotel guests.


1. The rooms were not ready on time. I have stayed at a lot of hotels mind you but this was just at  a new level of ridiculous. When the hotel told me at 3 that my room would not be ready until 5.00p.m I naturally told them I was not going to pay the full price of my room if I check in at 5.00. And then a miracle happened. A room was magically ready for me within 5 mins of me throwing a fit. Pffttt;

2. Wifi was alright but could be faster; and

3. The layout of the lifts was quite confusing but gets better once you are used to it.

My review on the hotel at can be found here.

I am looking forward to an Airiel filled weekend. 

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I have to say this is the best birthday ever! Blessed I am.

Have a good weekend ahead everyone. 

Much love from Airiel and I.

Peace and love to everyone.

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