Friday, August 30, 2013

My Top 5 Most Addictive Mobile Games

Hey guys,

Its been a while since I wrote. I have been busy up to my neck with work and was in Court almost every day this week.

Anyways, I have been playing all these games on my phone. I have 2, an android and an iphone. So I have games on both these platforms which I am obsessed with right now. These are my top 5.

5. Dragon Bane

I would be going too far to say its an RPG you know what I mean? But its really fun and passes the time. It has a cool multiplayer slot where you can fight with other fighters at certain times, called Events.

You level up, train, improve your armor and skills and go on quests given by characters in the game.

You go to taverns and goss and search for new companions to join your party as the game progresses. Its pretty cool.

4. Castle Story

Fancy having your own kingdom right in your mobile phone? Hehe. This is a really cool game. You build your kingdom from scratch, trade with other places. Fulfill quests.

Super fun

3. Dragon Story

I love this game! You get to breed and build a dragon city all by yourself. You start off with normal dragons and then have more rare dragons as time passes when you cross-breed them.

The dragons can go on quests for you to get special rare items you need, you can trade the dragons you breed at the trading portal in the game.

The possibilities are endless. Absolutely addictive.

2. Candy Crush

Who for the love of God, does not play Candy Crush? You have to love this game. The object is simple and depends on the stage you're on. Clear the Jelly! or get a certain highscore in 40 moves or something like that.

An absolute must play for those long waiting times in Court!

1. Fish Island SEA

I am absolutely obsessed with this addictive game. And so is Airiel by the way, although I must say it is not game for small kids.


As you can see, this is NOT a joke. This a dead serious, sexy, bona fides, serious fishing game. It has 600 over types of fish to catch, numerous locations, and hundreds of special items to help you on your quest to become the ultimate angler!! Ok maybe not so serious in light of the panda outfit, hahaha.

Catch pretty fish to sell them for money, or put them in your aquarium for special perks! You have daily quests and location quests and there is a special set of fishes for each location which you complete and get special items to move you along!.

See how obsessed I am! Haha.

Alright readers. Enough rambling for Friday. Work awaits. Hugss.

P.S - 1. I do not own these pictures and they are credited to their respective owners; and

         2. Warning, these games are extremely addictive. Download at your OWN risk.


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