Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Playing Sims 3 on My Mac

To reward myself for all the hard work I did last year, I bought myself the complete set of Sims 3 (original ok?). It cost me a bomb, but what the heck... I sure as hell deserved it hehehe.

And you thought that spending so much money on the damn thing was hard? Trust me, it was even harder to install on the mac. The CDs bought can be used to install the game on both normal pc and mac.

Ok, let me list down the sims 3 packs I bought, in the order is has to be installed. Installing it in a particular order ensure that the game runs smoothly, although I have seen some people just going crazy with the installation and not having a problem at all, so I suppose it just depends on your luck.

Ok, back to my list:-

  1. Sims 3 Deluxe (this include the basegame and Ambitions);
  2. World Adventures Expansion Pack;
  3. High End Loft Stuff Pack;
  4. Ambitions (which comes with the basegame deluxe version I bought);
  5. Fast Lane Stuff Pack;
  6. Late Night Expansion Pack;
  7. Outdoor Living Stuff Pack;
  8. Generations Expansion Pack; and
  9. Town Life Stuff Pack.
Ok, so I know that Sims 3 came out with the Pets Expansion Pack recently, but I'm not big on taking care of virtual pets and according to The Sims Resource ("TSR") my fave website for anything and everything sims, it can screw with your custom content, so I didn't buy it.

Anyways, after installing all the above in order, I couldn't start the game. After twiddling with the system a bit, I realised the Ambitions Expansion Pack was messing with my game. So I uninstalled everything and reinstalled everything else in order except Ambitions and voila, the game could start!!!. Wee hee..!!!  Now don't forget to install the patches in between installs, no worries as it is automated, they would ask you whether you wanted to download an update.

Now, here comes the tricky part which is the custom content, I downloaded like a ton of custom content and of course, all of it disappeared. Downloading a majority of my custom content of TSR, i only deal with Sims3pack content and generally don't bother downloading other formats i.e. packages etc.

Solution? Well, I had to reinstall all the custom content again. To make sure it shows up in the EA downloader, I opened up a Downloads folder in the Sims 3 folder after re-installing it and yehaaa, it works!

I am still in the midst of re-installing all my Sims3pack, tedious but makes the gameplay a hell of a lot more fun!!

And you guys thought I'd buy a bag!! Hahahaha, erkkkk actually I did that too...but that's for another post.

I promise I'd write posts about the food in Krabi, but have not gotten around to doing it yet. I promise I'll do it! Promise!!



  1. Beli kat mana cd2 tu ada offer ke...nak beli banyak2 mahal...1 pun dah mahal tp dah boring main yg pirate hehehe...i dah lama main the sims ni since the sims 1 sampai 3...dah 10 tahun :p. tapi skang nak cari yg ori plak walaupun dah kira expert la dlm bidang ni...tq

  2. Hi Anonymous, I buy all my games from gamer's hideout. The sims 3 set was not cheap but I find it a worthwhile investment. Kalau jadi member kat saitu dapat 15% discount per cd. Gamer's hideout ada facebook page and a few branches tp I selalu pergi kat tropicana city punya. Best of luck!