Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fernweh - Letsgetlost 2016 - Journey to Sapa

"A story is like a moving train; no matter where you hop on board, you are bound to reach your destination sooner or later..." ~ Khaled Hosseini

In  the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the most Merciful.

Oh my, updates are so slow on this blog it is now Ramadhan 2016!.

But I promised so I shall deliver!

Now its the epic train journey to Sapa from Hanoi where I actually threw up in..hahahaha.

For the journey I took the Tulico Express train. NIN and I decided that whilst the standard cabins bunk four beds, we will buy all 4 so we had the cabin all to ourselves. This was a wise decision.

Outside view 

Muka excited going on an overnight train haha 

 These 2 bunks were mine. Can you imagine if there were 4 people in the cabin? It would have been a tight squeeze. For us 2 it was just right.

It was quite cozy 

 Our bunks!

 The train provides, water, light refreshments which includes hot vietnamese coffee in the morning, wet towels and other items which you can order from the menu shown above. We just took the water and light refreshments. Coffee on a moving train was just too much for us and we skipped.

The journey takes the entire night and you will arrive at Lao Cai around 6 in the morning.  Here we are at the train station! After the train ride it was about a 45 min van ride up the hills to Sapa!

You can make your own bookings for these trains from Vietnam Railway. Their website is here.

Okay, this part is done!. I have some more foodie updates. Soon!!

Have a good weekend ahead and peace and love from Airiel and I to everyone.


  1. HI, May I ask how much did you pay for these tickets? I suppose to go with Victoria train, but fare's quite expensive, around $141 one way. We want to book at Do you know about it? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Thu Ho Kim. About those prices as well. And it also depends on the season you're going. I paid about those prices because the time I went in May coincides with their celebration of winning the war against the US so it was peak season. You can try booking here. . Note that victoria trains are the luxuty ones and I ended up taking the budget priced one. However mine was expensive because I ended buying the entire cabin i.e. 4 beds.